The glacier

Ciao, I am Fabio Salvadori

And you are an extraordinary human being.

I believe that all human beings are extraordinary but too often they settle for an ordinary life. We all have within the potential to innovate, to change the status quo, to make an impact. We all can make our lives extraordinary.

My purpose is to awaken and liberate the extraordinary self within others so that they can unleash their full creative and innovative potential.

I am a certified coach with the International Coach Academy, and I’m working to achieve my ACC credentials with ICF. I am a Being at Full Potential certified coach for Individual and Organisation.

I am passionate about the connection between innovation, consciousness and the human potential. I love writing, and I like to partner with individuals and organisations in their innovation journeys.

You can find more facts about me and my past on the LinkedIn profileYou can also check about everything I’m into at the present moment on the Now page. Or we can partner together to co-create a new extraordinary future.

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