About Me

I believe the only way to really know someone is to explore each other universe by sharing some life experience together. And I hope that one day we will have the opportunity to do that. In the meanwhile, here is something more about me.

My name is Fabio, and I’m Italian. Right now I live in Valencia but to be honest, I’m always moving around with my lovely partner and our ninja cat.

For almost 20 years I have been involved in technological innovation with different roles and responsibilities such as java developer, project manager, technical analyst, technical leader, consultant, CTO, head or R&D and creative technologist. I moved across different fields including Knowledge Management, 3D, artificial intelligence, pervasive games, mobile solutions, digital publishing, e-commerce, cross-media experiences and optimisation of business processes.

I’ve been actively involved, as founder and CTO, in three startups. I had my fair share of successes including two international patents and, in 2009, a National Award for innovation in tourism by the Italian president. But I also made some remarkable mistakes and glorious failures, from which I learn a lot.

My last experience as a Creative Technologist has allowed me to collaborate closely with various companies discovering a high interest for the human dimension within organisations. This experience has motivated to pursue new skills and invest in my growth. I went back to school and earned certifications as coach and facilitator for individuals and groups with ICA and Being At Full Potential.

I am a Certified Professional Coach having completed an ICF Accredited Coaching Training Program with the International Coach Academy. I also hold a certification as Human Potential Certified Coach for Individuals and Organisations at Being At Full Potential.
As a coach I support individuals and organisations helping them to awaken and release their extraordinary creative potential and create a culture of innovation.

I am a consultant and creative technologist. I support my clients in developing methodologies, processes and tools that enable them to transform their innovative potential into concrete results for their business.

I am an author. Writing has always been one of my passions, but I kept it hidden for most of my life. It resurfaced a few years ago as a practice to improve my English skills, but then it kept growing, and now it’s a vital part of my daily routine.

Above all, I like to think of myself as an seeker. I love to ask questions, to explore what I don’t understand, to absorb knowledge from everywhere and everyone until I can find new connections. So that I can share them with others. I thrive at the frontier, in the space in-between science and mysticism, at the convergence of innovation, consciousness and the human potential.