I am an ever-evolving blend of many things, including a coach, a mentor, an author, an innovator. Above all, I am a restless seeker. I am drawn by the questions I don’t have the answer to. I love the journeys more than the destinations. I also love to draw lines, not to create boundaries but to connect, in particular ideas.

My passion is to help people reclaim their innate creative potential. My actions are rooted in three beliefs.

We Are All Born Innovators.

We are all born with unlimited creative potential. We all have the innate ability to change what exists and create something new and impactful. Through a process of subtraction, we can clear the layers of conditioning and reclaim our creative essence.

Change Is Natural.

If there is a constant in nature, that is change. To truly live is to endlessly and relentlessly transform. To stay the same is to resist the natural flow of life. Like swimming against the current, it’s exhausting, and it won’t get us far.

Awareness Informs Configuration.

Awareness is the source of our identity, our essence. Our configuration is how awareness manifests itself through us in the world, in visible and invisible ways. Only when we are connected to our essence we can access radical innovation.