One Apple A Day #730 – glued

When I was a kid, I loved to play with Lego.
I used to have this bucket with all the bricks in different shapes, sizes and colours. It was always an exciting moment when we emptied the bucket on the floor to build something new.
My other big passion at that time was watching giant robots tv shows from Japan.
It comes without saying that my favourite hobby was to build spaceships and robots with my Lego bricks.

Once – I think I was ten years old – I build a particularly good one. It was a big spaceship that could open and fit a smaller one. I was very proud of myself and my work. So proud that I took the glue and stuck all the pieces together. I wanted to preserve that piece of work forever. I put it on display in my room so I could watch it every day.

A few months later, my precious spaceship was already forgotten inside a box. Until one day, while I was building something else, I couldn’t find the pieces I needed. And then I remembered they were glued in my spaceship. I tried to dismount it with the only result to break most of the parts, making them useless.

I think there’s a life lesson about attachment there.
Personally, I never glued my lego bricks since.

One Apple A Day #729 – I am a trunk

This morning I woke up and I felt like the trunk of the tree in the picture. I’m not even sure if I can explain this feeling with the words I know.
Beneath me, everything that has been.
My roots go deep, and wide sourcing from places and people I don’t and I’ll never know. Just thinking of how, among the infinite possibilities of the universe, everything combined to bring me here and now, is mindblowing.
Beyond me, everything that can be.
I can’t imagine where my branches and leaves will go, how far they will get. What I sense is that each of them will be part of someone else roots.
And right now, I am the trunk.
That single thing connecting the past and the future.
We all are.
With our roots deep in the same Earth.
And our branches extending out in the same sky.

One Apple A Day #728 – body first

For the last seven days, I focused mostly on one single daily practice.
I kept doing all my regular practices, but I took particular care of this one.
It was a simple recentering practice to help me stay in the flow during the day. And to make it more deliberate, I had a checkpoint with an accountability buddy every evening.

I thought my practice was all about focus, peace of mind and awareness of my emotions. And it is, but I was missing an essential part.

The quality of my attention starts with my body.

When my physical energy is low, I can’t focus. No matter how hard I try, or the mental strategies that I activate, the quality of my attention stays low.
Most of my work is based on my mental and emotional faculties, so I often overlooked my physical energy.
Yet, it is just fundamental.

One Apple A Day #727 – a strange journey

The journey of life is a strange one.
It is an infinite one.
One in which we never arrive.
Yet, we’re always in the perfect place.
Exactly where we are meant to be.

Oh, the power that inhabits in this tension.

Being able to see the perfection of the present moment.
Of the here and now.
And yet, to keep moving forward.
To strive for the unknown.

One Apple A Day #726 – you are water

I am human.

You are human.

I know, I’m kind of stating the obvious here.

But is it?

How often do we forget that we are human beings? That we all are human.
Depending on the circumstances, I can assume many different shapes.

I can be a son, a brother, a writer, a coach, a driver, a voter, a customer, a worker, an employee, an Italian, a local, a stranger, a friend, an enemy and so on.

Though, beyond all those forms and shapes, I am human.
With all my feelings, wounds, beliefs, memories, hopes, fears, desires, dreams, shortcomings and talents.

I am human. Like you. Like everyone else.
And I’m writing it here, this morning, as a reminder to self.
Because anytime I forget we are all human, I lose the connection and my energy and will fade away.

Two waves in the ocean were having a conversation as they flowed toward shore. The larger wave was extremely depressed, and the small one was peacefully flowing along.
“If you could see what I see from up here,” says the large wave to the small one, “you would not be so happy.”
“Well, what is it?”
“In not too long, we will crash into the shore, and that will be the end of us.”
“Oh that,” says the small wave. “That’s okay.”
“What, are you crazy!?”
“No. I know a little secret that tells me it’s all okay,” says the small wave. “Would you like me to share it with you?”
At this point, the large wave friend is both curious and suspicious.
“Will I have to pay a lot of money to learn this secret?”
“No, not at all.”
“Will I have to do zazen [sitting meditation] for thirty years in the lotus position?”
“No, not at all,” says the small wave. “Really, the whole thing is only eight words.”
“Eight words!!! Well, tell me already!”
So the small wave says ever so gently, “You are not a wave. You are water.”

from The Mystery of Love By Marc Gafni