Human Potential

Focus on the DOING, and the BEING dies. 
Focus on the BEING, and the DOING thrives.

How often have you thought “if I only have that then I would be … ” or “once I achieve this then I will …”?
It is so easy to get trapped in the idea that if we achieve more and if we improve our doing, then we will be and feel better and fulfilled.

What if we reverse the process?

In my journey and through the help of my masters, I learned that it is when we enter into PEAK EXPERIENCE, that PEAK PERFORMANCE inevitably ensues. When we liberate and engage our full Human Potential, we can infuse our doing with energy and create abundance on our life.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. ― Henry D. Thoreau

BEING at Full Potential brings into the world an array of tools, frameworks and methodologies that put our incredible HUMAN POTENTIAL at the centre, to enable breakthroughs at all levels of society – individuals, teamscommunitiesorganisations (for profit and not for profit) and even nations. Accessing your full potential by strengthening the BEING is vital.

As a certified Being At Full Potential coach, I can support you in re-connecting with the essence of your WHO and your WHY. Through this process, aspects of your highest potential that may have been unexpressed for many years will re-surface and guide your future steps. Moving forward from a place of “Inner Being” will be profoundly fulfilling and open up many unexpected new opportunities.

“Know who you are because no one is better at being you than you are.” — David Droga

Individual Coaching

The journey typically starts by taking the Human Potential Assessment followed by a debriefing session. This initial engagement brings tremendous clarity to where you are today regarding your unique Human Potential and identifying the key areas to focus on to bring even more of your full self into your work and life. Based on this initial discovery phase we will define the most effective coaching roadmap to enable your growth and development.


The Team Programme has been carefully designed to capacitate teams of 6 to 20 people and resolve the most complicated dilemmas they are facing.  Supported by the Being At Full Potential Team Assessment, I will create and hold the space for the team to develop their own standards and rituals, to face their tensions and challenges by staying in the space in between the known and the unknown, allowing the answers to emerge from their awareness so that they can co-create their journey forward. More info


Using the Organizational Human Potential Assessment by Being At Full Potential, we can measure the extent to which the HUMAN POTENTIAL in your organisation is being utilised, and to effectively harness it. We can also put in place an effective and repeatable process to unlock this potential. More info


If you are interested in taking the assessment and explore the Human Potential for yourself, your team or your organisation, reach out through my contact page.


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