“Innovation is a deliberate human change to something existing to create something new.” — Benoit Godin

I look at innovation as the ability to create something extraordinary, in the pure sense of the word. Something new out of the ordinary, of what is customary, regular, usual. Something that challenges the status quo. Something different that has an impact as Scott Anthony well stated in his Little Black Book of Innovation.

Recent studies show that having ideas is becoming harder and harder. Researches show that the rates of return on investments in innovation are lowering. When we listen into the industry, we hear that in spite of all these investments, innovation is drying out because process thinking is peaking. So what is the next frontier? What is the future value creation paradigm in organisations? What can unlock a new potential to innovate?

“No problem can be solved from the same level of awareness that created it.” — A. Einstein

I have spent the last 15 years working in technological innovation organisations with different roles. What struck me, after being involved in many projects is that organisations always approach innovation from outside their people. They create systems to connect people, implement methodologies to guide their ideas and actions, and hire innovators to sparkle the whole process. What if the next wave of innovation is not to be sought outside but within human beings? What if we shift the focus from what we DO to innovate to who we choose to BE, as innovators?

To innovate how we innovate we must develop a higher level of awareness so we can live in a state of inspiration, abundance and service that allows us to see the extraordinary and make it happen.

“If you’re part of the system you want to change, you’re part of the problem.” — Dave Gray

For innovation to happen, we must change the way we make decisions, do things differently, and make choices outside of the established norms. We must be able to see and create the extraordinary out of the ordinary. A coach, being at the same time inside and outside a team or organisation, can create an opening that will allow the team to see the possibilities beyond their basic underlying assumptions.

Through my work as a coach, I help individuals, teams and organisations to grow in awareness and create the mindset and the culture needed to bring more innovation into their lives.


Header photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash