What I’m doing now

I live in Valencia, Spain, with my awesome partner and our fantastic cat.

I completed my training program with ICA and I earned my Coach Training Certification. Next step, the ACC credentials from the International Coach Federation. For that, I need to coach so I’m looking for clients. If you want to experience coaching with me, just get in touch and we will arrange a complimentary discovery call.

As an ambassador for the Italian Chapter of ICA, I’m collaborating at the Italian newsletter and in the creation of events for students and everyone who’s interested in coaching. Check on the ICA website for the upcoming events.

After having completed the training as a Being At Full Potential coach, both for Individuals and organisation, I’m actively collaborating to expand the work on the Human Potential in space and time. In particular, I’m planning future workshops in Europe and refining my proposals for organisations.

I am working on my first book about Awareness and Innovation with Sujith Ravindran.

I keep refining this website, that is still far from being finished, and my company website.

With my best buddy, Andy, I’m working on the book that will tell the story of our trip to Patagonia. At this link you can watch a short video we did about our experience. Some of the photos I used on this website are made by Andy, including the one on this page.

I moved my daily thoughts on this blog, that has also a new look & feel.

Currently reading

  • Insight by Tasha Eurich

Last update: December 28th, 2018

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