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Energy flows where attention goes.

You probably read this quote in many books and articles.
If you ever rode a motorbike, you undoubtedly experienced how the bike follows your gaze. If you look at the obstacle, you will hit it.
If you watch a professional motorsport race, you will notice how the riders and drivers are always looking where they want to go and not where they are going.

So, where are you putting your attention?

More and more I see on social media people complaining against obscure big enemies or crying about big humanity problems about which there is nothing they can do.
As a result, their energy goes consumed by rage or wasted in words without actions.

What would happen if every person put all the attention in something maybe smaller but doable? That energy would create an impact, albeit small, that will make a difference.
And you know, even the biggest ocean is made of drops of water.

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