One Apple A Day #425 – Collect vs Connect1 min read

Yesterday, during a lovely conversation about wisdom with two fabulous ladies, I was gifted with this insights; knowledge is about collecting dots, wisdom is about connecting them.

We live in an era of big data, sensors and deep learning.

We can measure almost everything.

We can know a lot.

But does all this knowledge make us wise?

I believe that real wisdom doesn’t come from having more dots but from finding ways to connect them.

With this idea in mind, I was reflecting about the way we talk with each other. Most of the time we enter a conversation to collect dots. Collecting is a one-way process from others to us. Yes, we may have to give something in exchange to obtain what we want, but all our focus is on what we get and not on what we offer.

Connecting, on the other side, is a two-way process. It’s not about the “what”, it’s all about the “how” and the “why”. When we enter a conversation to connect with others we must open up, we have to listen to a deeper level so we can open a new channel where things flow in both direction.

So, I have an invitation for you.

Next time you join a conversation, ask yourself this simple question: “Am I here to collect or to connect?”

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One thought on “One Apple A Day #425 – Collect vs Connect1 min read

  1. Dear Fabio,

    Great how you like to connect.I like your way of connecting.In our calls I feel that you first made a connection with your own presence and then there is a pause to listen to your own innervoice

    Because that also is the way I like to connect with people.How is the connection starting from within and why it is feeling great to be open and curious to listen what is coming through me in that moment

    It is amazing to practise this moment people are visiting our house because it is for sale

    My dream is to sell it to a family who also fell in love with the beautiful house we lived for 35 years

    So in a few minutes I will met that family.How to connect in unconditional love and trust Universe that it will bring the right people to this dreamhouse where we lived so happy

    will be continued and I like to connect with you about my beingness

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