One Apple A Day #426 – Giving and receiving1 min read

It’s Christmas time.
That period of the year in which we buy presents for the people we love.
And it makes me think about the power of giving and the struggle of receiving.

At an emotional level, I’m used to exchange.
You give me something, and I feel the need to provide you with something in return. Or I give you something, and I expect for you to have something for me.

To give without attachment is more complicated.
Being able to just give without expecting anything in return, not even a thank you.
I observed that It’s easier when I am giving to someone in need or when I’m making a donation to a cause.
It’s easier because it makes me feel a better person. But also because when I give to someone in need, I put myself on higher ground.
As a giver, I have the power. The energy flows from me down to the other person.

As I learned last summer, the real challenge it ’s to receive without attachment.
I grew up knowing that everything as a price.
You don’t just accept something, you have to give something back.
It’s a matter of pride.
To accept something without giving nothing in exchange, that’s the big challenge.

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One thought on “One Apple A Day #426 – Giving and receiving1 min read

  1. Giving without attachment!!!
    During this Christmastime I really felt a shift in my body.As a mother ,wife ,grandmother I like to be a perfect host for the whole family.For the first time I felt myself in a relaxing,vital,high energitical,full potential state.I enjoyed each moment.I was presence during each moment enjoying my selflove,my love for everyone without any thoughts of I have to.Two days were flowing as a sacred river full of abundance in all the actions ;coffee,breakfast,lunch, dinner.All went fluently

    I had one day rest and then 28th of dec innocent children day 12 highschool friends were coming again for coffee ,dinner etc .In the past there honestly were judments from my side.f.i. their children are already married or other judgments what I also like to have,jealousy thoughts etc.

    This year I was in a neutral state beyond any thought.I enjoyed each moment celebrating their presence just how they were showing themselves

    I was proud to feel such a shift in my body.I felt only unconditional love for all what was

    This was a huge difference with the past
    I really felt that by practising awareness about my own behaviour that I was growing in my way of giving and receiving

    By giving in an unconditional way I was receiving without any expectations much more than I ever could dream about.I feel free,in love with myself and others,easy accepting all what is coming on my journey

    It was a long exploring adventure,daily practising the 8 attitudes,reflecting and writing
    it was a big gift to myself

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