One Apple A Day #427 – Words create Worlds1 min read

How much attention do you put on the words you use?

A few days ago, while I was checking the news online, a headline captured my attention. It was about UN chief António Guterres who, during an of the year press event, called all countries in the world for a renewed commitment to a “rules-based global order“.

Words create worlds.

They have this power.

This is why it is so important to choose wisely the words that you use.

In your own life but it’s even more critical when you are a leader. As leaders, the language we use helps shape the cultures we lead.

So, what does a “rules-based global order” says about the world the leader of UN envision? To me, it talks about a world based on fear and lack of trust. It talks about protecting the status-quo instead of moving towards the future.

Is this the world that you want?

I know for sure it’s not the world that I want.

I’m ready to commit to a “values-inspired global vision“. One driven by trust, love, compassion, forward thinking.

What about your words?

Are they reflecting the world that you want to create in your life?

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2 thoughts on “One Apple A Day #427 – Words create Worlds1 min read

  1. Congratulations with your words dear Fabio
    You are walking your talk each time I met you

    I also like to create a world that works for everyone.A world where everyone is aware of their own gift

    where in compassion with themselves and others could be discovered who they are in essence
    Where people could give themselves space to see all the parts of themselves
    Where people feel support in love vs in fear.Where people feel joy lightness to explore where they could co-create with others in peace with themselves and others
    A world where they could all celebrate the greatness they are
    may our love radiate so strongly that there is no place for darkness
    may we live free in the light of fearlessness
    may 2019 be an opportunity through the power of all the people and communities joined in a share vision
    lots of love marie josee


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