One Apple A Day #452 – no words1 min read

There are days when words just flow.
I don’t have to make an effort to find them.
It is if they were already there just waiting for me to open the laptop and let them out.

There are days when words hide behind thoughts and emotions.
In those days I have to find something, a key to open the gate.
But once the gate is open, words start rolling out one by one.

And then there are days like today when words are nowhere to be found.
I spent what seemed an eternity, standing before the open gate, but nothing came out.
I thought about walking away, close the laptop and move on.
But this is my anchor.
Without this moment, I’m less present for the whole day.
So, I decided to use this space to acknowledge that sometimes things just don’t work as we would like.
And it’s ok.
I am human.
And in this awareness of my limits, I’m going to anchor my day.

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