One Apple A Day #484 – colours1 min read

My mind is blank this morning.
I don’t know why, but I couldn’t come up with anything to write about.
So, I decided to write about colours.
I am at a friend’s house, in the countryside.
Outside my window, I can see, amidst the green, some beautiful yellow flowers.
They remind me something inspiring I head last Saturday from an Eskimo shaman.
He said that all human beings should always see themselves as a big circle.
A circle has no beginning and no end. And when we are in a circle, we can all see each other, and no ones are showing their back.
To explain the idea of the circle, he said that the sun rises at the East and it colours the sky in yellow.
Then it goes up in the sky and showered everything with white light.
When the sunset arrives, everything is coloured in red. And finally the sun rests for the night, and everything is black.
Yellow, white, red and black.
Like, he said, the different people who live on this planet.
Less than an hour later in the same conference, a scientist told about the stories of the first astronauts who saw the Earth from the space. They were all impressed by the blue and green.
This morning, while looking at these yellow flowers, I can’t think of anything more beautiful than the colours of life.

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