One Apple A Day #529 – environment1 min read

I wanted to write about the importance of having an anchor in our life.
But then I woke up with the birds singing, the sky over London is blue, from my window I can see the vivid green of grass and the tree of the park behind the house.
I saw all of that, and I stop for a minute to stay with it.
The more I stared at the beauty of nature, the more I feel peaceful and positive about the day ahead.
This moment of morning bliss reminded me of the importance of the environment that surrounds us. At home, at work, everywhere we go and operate. And with “environment” I mean everything around us; the location, the building, the furniture, the things but also the people.
If the environment in which we are immersed is not aligned with our intentions and values, it’s like rowing against the current. It can be done, but it drains all your energy just to move a little. But when there is alignment, then the environment becomes an amplifier.
Even more, the right environment can pull you in the direction you want to go and support you also when you’re tired or your motivation drops.

We can’t always choose the environment on which we are, that’s why it’s essential, anytime you can, to choose wisely what and who you want around you. Your environment can become one of your greatest assets.

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