One Apple A Day #532 – mirrors1 min read

This is my intention and my desire for Today.
To be able to truly listen.
To someone else, because every time we listen with intent, we create a space where the other can empty her heart and mind, and find clarity.

But also to listen to myself.
And this is challenging.
How can I be the same person talking and listening?

Maybe, the only way I can listen to myself is through listening deeply to others.

We are all mirrors.

“We are the mirror, as well as the face in it.
We are tasting the taste of eternity this minute.
We are pain and what cures pain.
We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours.
Soul of the world, no life, nor world remain,
no beautiful women and men longing.
Only this ancient love circling the holy black stone of nothing.
Where the lover is the loved, the horizon and everything within it.” ― Rumi

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