One Apple A Day #560 – keep showing up1 min read

In building habits, I discovered that consistency is more critical that intensity. The key is to keep the ball rolling even when you can’t perform your practice with the intensity you’d want.
For me, it means to do my best to write my daily apple even when I’m tired, I wake up late, I don’t have enough or whatever other reason is making it impossible to create something with the quality and focus I’d love.

Showing up consistently is the most important thing.

So, here I am. It’s late, I’m sleepy, and I have to squeeze this post in five minutes. But I’ve decided to keep it this practice flowing.

And to give it a bit of substance, I’m playing smart adding the lyrics of a song that I love and that I was listening while driving the last weekend.

With golden streams
Our universe was clothed in light
Pulling at the seams
Our once flaring world now friends with fire
We may fall in love
Every time we open up our eyes
I get spaced in time
Takes violent things, angry things
& makes them kind
We are the dust of dust
We are the apple of God’s eye
We are infinite
As the universe will hold you inside

From Sun by Sleeping at Last

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