One Apple A Day #561 – fall forward1 min read

I love conversations. I’ve always been a prolific talker, and lately, I’m learning to be a better listener.
It may be naive to say, but if in a conversation everyone is talking, nobody is listening.

Though, as much as I love conversations, both with others and with myself, they are sterile if they don’t distil into action.

Words carry a lot of power, but it’s only when we act that we realise that power.

They say that every journey begins with one step.
But it has to be a step forward.
I’ve spent too much time running in place.
Jumping up and down and looking very busy but without going anywhere.

A step forward is scary.
It’s not just about moving a foot, we must commit to it with all our body.
We have to lose balance for a moment.
This is how our body works.
We fall forward, catch ourselves and then repeat.

If you’re not ready to fall, if you’re not prepared to fully commit to that step forward, you may end up running in place.
It may be excellent for your health, but it will take you nowhere.

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