One Apple A Day #563 – wealth1 min read

It’s scorching everywhere in Europe so, if like me you don’t like air conditioning, having a sound and refreshing sleep is not easy.
This morning I woke up, went out in the terrace and sit there to do my morning meditation. Often, it is through this practice that the ideas for these posts emerge.
But this morning, thanks to the cool sunrise breeze, I fell asleep.
This mundane experience made me think about the importance of having a regenerating rest. How many people are unable, for many reasons, to rest properly?
Isn’t this somehow a measure of wealth?
This question opened up a new stream of reflections about the idea we, or maybe I should say I have about wealth.
Wealth is typically measured in money and stuff.
You’re wealthy if you have money in the bank, houses, cars, clothes, technology and so on.
But what about other essential things like health, love or fulfilment?

Over the last years, I’ve witnessed many times the resourceful support of family and friends through tough moments; that kind of richness can be bought, but it also doesn’t happen on its own. It must be nurtured investing your most significant resource; yourself.

Maybe, we should have a more holistic vision about wealth, one that includes your finance, sure, but also your health, your emotions, your mind and your soul.

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