One Apple A Day #603 – Curiosity1 min read

“Being curious is better than being smart.” — James Clear

Curiosity is a propellent that ignites growth. Being smart is about using what you know in the best way possible. Yet, you’re still limited by what you know. It is curiosity that pushes you to explore beyond the boundaries of what you know. 

The word “curiosity” comes from the Latin curiositatem; “desire of knowledge, inquisitiveness“. And obviously, it’s connected to the Latin word curiosus “careful, diligent; inquiring eagerly, meddlesome“. 

So, when we nurture our curiosity, the unknown becomes like a magnet, calling us to explore and inquire. 

To do so, to cultivate a mindset of curiosity, we must train ourselves to look at things with fresh eyes. As if everything is new, with the same awe of a child exploring the world.

I also found it fascinating that the word curiosity is akin to cura, “care”. A curious person is also someone who takes “care” of something. And that made me realise that the other ingredient of a curious person is love. 

Love is what gives us the courage to go beyond the resistance created by fear. It is vital to act on curiosity.

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