One Apple A Day #662 – love and protection1 min read

To protect something or someone we love is noble.
However, when this word came out in a recent conversation, the first emotion that I felt was fear, not love.
To protect means to keep safe from harm, something or someone.

So, it is an act motivated by fear. But fear is the opposite of love.

So now I’m torn.

Can we love and protect at the same time?

If we spend our energy to protect something, we won’t have much left to infuse into that same thing and make it grow and thrive.

If we go all in, infusing all the love we can to make it grow and thrive, we may become blind to the risks around us.

I know, probably I’m just overthinking as I often do. But these thoughts have been spinning in my head since yesterday, and I need to let them out, so I can clear up my mind and move ahead with my day.
That’s one of the purposes of this writing practice.

Plus, I pick my Be The Change card, and it says “Standing in the intersection, leading from the space in-between“.

So, I’ll stay in the intersection between love and protection, and lead my day from there.

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2 thoughts on “One Apple A Day #662 – love and protection1 min read

  1. Hello Fabio

    I tasted your apple ( and I hope history will not repeat itself) and after a bit of digestion, this desert popped up:

    A universal image of a mother reaching out to her child and cradle it in her arms. Her arms forming a protective circle around her baby, keeping it from harm. I guess when a baby is under threat, this mother will become a lioness and is willing to tear you to threads. From the fear of any danger for her baby.

    Your writing brings me to a place of protection before the threat. The arms that reach out, or choosing a place of quiet to ‘protect’ a meaningful conversation of loud disturbance, etc. etc.

    May I go further and bring the yin and yang energy in this topic. I guess a man has a build-in protection ‘app’: he needs to protect his woman, otherwise, he is not a man. This energy is still embedded in your male brain. I love my man when he steps forward and slaughters the lion on my path ad brings me home safely. But these days, there are less and fewer lions on my path. Here we are talking about the fear part of protection. The need to protect even when you are fearful. Let’s label it yang.

    Coming to the yin part of protection, I imagine me standing in a crowd and my man next to me, maybe shoulders touching, and I would feel protected. By him, just standing there and being just his self. Knowing that someone is ‘protecting my back, is doing the job: I feel protected.
    Or being in some ones heart, in a difficult situation, makes me feel protected. It has to do with the imaginary arms around me – not with a fighting man – that makes me feel loved and protected.

    Thanks for your daily sharing. Curious what you feel about my reveries.

    Mayke from Amsterdam

  2. Thank you for your message and your reveries Mayke. By the way, I didn’t know the word “reverie”, it’s a beautiful one, and it goes straight in the list of my favourites.

    Reading your comment, I realised even more how love and protection are connected. One nurtures the other in a virtuous loop. When I feel protected, I’m more willing and open up to give and receive love. When I love, protection is not about building walls but, as you wrote, it’s about presence.
    You reminded me of some words by Martin Luther King.

    “Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.”

    I feel it can also apply to protection.

    Thanks again!

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