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“Gratitude arises from paying attention, from being awake in the presence of everything that lives within and without and beside us.”

Since last week, when I read these words from the poem ‘GRATITUDE‘ by David Whyte, I knew that I wanted to write something. When I woke up with these words in mind, I thought that today was the day even I didn’t have a clear idea of what wanted to emerge. 

Then this morning I picked a BeTheChange card for my meditation, and it says “Dare to let of control“.

Gratitude and letting go of control. 

Is there a connection? 

While I was sitting in silence with this question, a memory came back. A late-summer conversation on the seashore. In that conversation, I realise that if I can replace control with care, I can make my actions exponentially more powerful.

“Care” is the word I was looking for. Because paying attention, being present to everything is a form of caring.

Gratitude is the attitude I need to nurture to shift from control to care.

P.S. for some reasons, I wrote this post yesterday as I do every morning but I forgot to publish it! So, here it is.

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