One Apple A Day #673 – don’t break it1 min read

“What is life?”
“It’s something to fill up fully, without wasting time. Even if it breaks when you fill it completely.”
“And when it’s broken?”
“It’s good for nothing. Nothing, and so be it.”

From Nothing and so be it, by Oriana Fallaci

A few days ago, in a webinar I attended, we talked about the importance of paying attention to our inner containers. In particular, how important it is to be aware of when they are full. Of ideas, of thoughts, of tasks, of emotions, of good things or negative ones.
Because when we are full, we just can’t take anything more.
Yet, we are so focused on performances that we keep pushing. We need to do more, learn more, experience more, gain more.
And we forget to listen to our containers.
Sure, they are flexibles. But if we stretched them too much, they can break. It’s not always a massive breakdown. Sometimes it’s just a loss of interest in a project or a relationship.
It’s vital to pay attention to the status of our inner containers, so we know if we have to take a break to create more space before putting anything else in.

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