One Apple A Day #674 – a shift1 min read

Lately, I feel I have the same ideas over and over. The same thoughts.
I don’t know if my creative wellspring has dried out or if I’m cup is so full that nothing more can get in.

I’m writing this post on my laptop, as I do almost every morning.
The same laptop on which I do almost everything else.
I write, read, watch, and talk.
All these things happen in here.
This 13-inches space before me is where my eyes and ears are most of the time.
A small area compared to the world.

Maybe, that’s it.
Maybe I’ve spent so much time before this screen that I’ve boxed my creativity in it.

I picked a card this morning. It has a big word on it.

“A shift”.

Maybe this is what I need.

A little shift on the side, so I can see the world behind and beyond this small screen.
Nothing is more inspiring than reality.

Time to go out.

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