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“As straight as a string in a pocket.”

When I was a teenager, I use to spend the summer working in my father’s factory. Being the youngest, I used to do a bit of everything. On some things, I was okay, in many others I sucked. One of the things I struggled a lot, was cutting wood panels. We used them in many situations, so it was a daily task. One that nobody enjoyed because it meant to be covered in sawdust. So, it was often my task. 

The problem is that apparently, I couldn’t cut a straight line no matter my efforts. I remember this guy looking at my work and saying that my cut was “as straight as a string in a pocket”.

This morning I was thinking of a few conversations I had in the last days about creative endeavours and the fact that they are never linear. At the contrary, they are quite often messy, with plenty of high peaks and deep lows, acceleration and moment of stuckness. Everyone would love for things to be linear and straight. That would make the journey more predictable and easier to measure. Unfortunately, it is not. 

A vital part of any creative journey is about embracing its messiness.

Because a creative journey is as straight as a string in a pocket.

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