One Apple A Day #677 – morning meander1 min read

And then what?

This is the question that emerged this morning in my meditation.

A question that hit me in the guts and left me baffled. 

I do, I learn, I create, I grow.

And then what?

Do you ever ask yourself a similar question?

I sat there in silence, allowing for the question to do its work. And an image surfaced in my awareness.

The image of a circle and a toddler.

A toddler has no control over what happens in his life. Not on his environment. Not even on his own body. He is just fully present. Sensing everything, even if he doesn’t do what to do with what he senses.

Then, growing up, he begins to make sense of things. He learns, acquires knowledge and skills. He begins to fill in control. 

He gets stuff and then other stuff.

All make sense.

And then what? 

A new journey to the essence begins. 

A journey inward, not back.

A full circle.

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