One Apple A Day #678 – I’m still here1 min read

Yesterday morning I had to catch an early train. Unable to perform my usual morning routine, I’ve used the time on the train to read some of the articles in my backlog. 

I often save articles that I feel may be interesting, but I don’t have the time to read. Some have been in my backlog for months or years. In the beginning, I felt guilty for saving things that I may never use. Like buying books only to keep them on the shelf. But over time, I’ve learned that all these resources always come back to me when time is ready.

So, yesterday morning this article by Jeff Goins appeared on my screen. It’s a long one with many good ideas, but it’s the part about the “morning chorus” that caught my attention.

One morning he was wondering why birds sing in the morning. 

He discovered that “most scientists believe that birds sing in the morning as a sign to their mates to indicate that they made it through the night and are still alive“.

I dug a bit more and learned that singing is a costly activity for birds, both in terms of time and energy. So, singing loud and proud first thing in the morning is like shouting everyone around that you are strong and healthy and made it through the night. 

I woke up with this image in mind, thinking about my need to start the day writing and sharing something while outside is still dark.

As Goins suggests, maybe I’m like a bird, singing in the morning to tell the world, “Hey, I’m still here. And if you’re reading this, so are you.


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