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I’m staring at the mess on my desk, wondering when it did happen.
It was all tidy and organised a few days ago.
I remember removing all the clutter, throwing away old bills, placing everything where it is supposed to be.
And now I can barely find the book I’m reading.
How did it happen?
I know it’s all my doing even if it would be easier to blame someone else. Maybe the cat, walking over my desk during the night throwing things around.
But it’s me.
I clearly remember how happy I was when I tidied up my work corner. The pleasure of sitting at my neat desk made me feel professional, and it spark order also in my mind.
And now this.
As much I’d like to say it happened overnight, it didn’t. Today’s mess is the result of many small, almost insignificant actions.
The first days after I clear up my working corner, I’m able to take care of the space and preserve the tidiness. Then, one day I do a small thing like leaving a pen out of place. It is so tiny that it goes almost unnoticed. Yet, it breaks the spell and, one little action after the other, I wake up one day and find the mess.
I think that the lesson here is that it’s easy to pay attention to the big things in life, but too often it’s the little ones that we barely notice that make the mess.

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