One Apple A Day #684 – keep doing it1 min read

Today is one of my “blank days”. 

Some days I wake up, and I can feel that something is forming in my mind; the seed of a new daily apple. 

But then there are days where everything is blank in my mind. 

My energy is low at all levels; physical, mental and emotional.

Anytime it happens, I ask myself the same question.

What’s the point of writing if I have nothing to say?

Then I remember myself that this is, above all, a writing practice. It’s a morning ritual that helps me find my centre and my balance. Someone goes out for a run, someone takes a shower, someones what the news. I write. It’s a stretching exercise for the mind. 

The challenge is to share whatever comes up in these fifteen minutes of wandering between fragmented thoughts and sentences.

Sharing the outcome of my practice is part of the practice itself. 

It’s priming my mind to deliver.

And it also reminds me that every day it’s a new opportunity to do my best, to share my gifts with the world. If today the output it’s not the top, I know tomorrow I’ll have a new opportunity to do better. To be better.

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