One Apple A Day #691 – being creative is a habit1 min read

“The process of being innovative as an organization is a cultural thing; it’s a habit.” — Astro Teller

Yesterday, someone asked me how do I find something new to write about every morning. 

I’d love to say that it’s an innate talent and that ideas flow out of my head and my finger effortlessly. Or maybe that I have found a secret formula to access a wellspring of inspirations and ideas. 

The truth is that there are no secrets, and I don’t have any superpower.

Reality is less romantic. 

I just made a habit of looking for ideas and inspirations. 

Being creative is a habit that everybody can cultivate through intentional and deliberate practice.

When I began this project almost three years ago, it was only to improve my writing. Nothing else. No desires to share anything particular with the world. Just a pure writing practice. But, obviously, to write, I needed something to write about. So, without even noticing at the beginning, I began paying attention to just everything. Everything and everyone became a potential source of ideas for my writing.

Until it became a habit.

Sometimes, when I’m listening to something, I can hear my mind opening the drawer labelled “ideas for the morning writing” and save it for later.

So, that’s the “secret”; practice creativity every day until it becomes a habit.

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