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“It is therefore important to look at our own energy and the energy of those around us so we can discern its true source. It is cellular, arising from our excitement at meeting the challenges that life is gifting to us? Or is it adrenaline fuelled, a fight-or-flight response which is unsustainable in the medium or long terms and is in danger of undermining the health of the individual and the community?” – from The Way of Nowhere

Sustainability is too often seen from the perspective of resources. Do we earn enough to keep the business growing or do I make enough to sustain my family? 

We rarely approach sustainability from an energetic point of view. Maybe it’s because that same fear of not having enough resources triggers our adrenaline and gives us an energy boost. But how long can we sustain this energy fuelled mainly by adrenaline?

I’ve experienced this in the past. I remember being in a new and rising company, working hard and pushing for exponential results. The level of energy in the group was incredible. I remember the feeling of moving forward at ludicrous speed. 

Until I run out of steam. That same energy was consuming me until I had to leave. 

When I come across a new project or idea, I often feel the surge of energy triggered by my curiosity. In the past, I used to jump on board and ride whatever wave came in my way. 

I’m now learning to take a pause and check where that energy is coming from. Is it just the adrenaline for something new, or is it something deeper fired by a resonance with my essence?

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