One Apple A Day #794 – Disruption1 min read

Disruption is quite a buzzword. 

For many, it’s almost a mantra, something to seek to grow, innovate and stay ahead.

The word itself comes from the Latin disrumpere, meaning “break apart, split, shatter, break to pieces.” 

A disruption is then a disturbance which interrupts an event, activity, or process. Something that alters your balance and forces you to find a new one.

Everyday life is full of disruptions. Some are very small, others are bigger, but they all alter the course of your life.

You can try to predict them. But if you can predict them, they are not really disruptions, are they? 

What you can do is to prepare yourself, so when something knocks you off your balance, you know how to find a new one. 

And if you fall – because let us be honest, we all sometimes fall – then have the compassion to acknowledge your humanness so you can learn how to improve your balance. 

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