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How’s your relationship with time?

Mine can be complicated. It happens anytime I try to manage it.
“Time management” is a tricky definition. It may fool you into thinking you can control time.

But is it really possible?

In my many attempts to manage time, I’ve learned two things.

The first is that time is definitely relative. I’m not talking about Einstein’s theory of relativity. What I’m referring to is our experience of time. I don’t know you but to me, one hour staying still in a plank position would definitely feel way longer than one hour watching a movie.

So, it’s less about managing time and more about managing what we do in the time we have.

And that brings me to the second thing that I’ve learned. My focus should always be in managing my energy. When I’m tired, everything is a drag. I can’t focus, and hours slipped through my fingers without being able to accomplish anything. When I’m full of energy, or even better when I’m doing something that energizes me, I can get the best out of the time I have. As if time expands.

That’s why for me, it’s vital to find a rhythm in my days that follow and sustain my energy level.

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