One Apple A Day #807 – my voice1 min read

“Raise your words, 

not your voice, 

it’s rain that grows flowers, 

not thunder.” 

Jalal al-Din Rumi

These words keep coming back in different ways and contexts. So, there must be something they are trying to tell me. 

Maybe it is something about my tendency to step back and hold my words to avoid confrontations. I struggle to share my opinion and to speak my truth outside my family. Perhaps because I know that, no matter what, my family will always love me.

Out there, however, it’s different. 

It’s crowded, messy and noisy. 

Many are shouting; some only to cover the voice of others, others just to be heard once. Unfortunately, like with my old stereo, when the volume is too high, the sound comes out distorted, until it’s not music anymore but just noise.

So, maybe this is the invitation that Rumi has for me. 

To make it rain.

To find my voice.

So my words can be heard.

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