One Apple A Day #730 – glued1 min read

When I was a kid, I loved to play with Lego.
I used to have this bucket with all the bricks in different shapes, sizes and colours. It was always an exciting moment when we emptied the bucket on the floor to build something new.
My other big passion at that time was watching giant robots tv shows from Japan.
It comes without saying that my favourite hobby was to build spaceships and robots with my Lego bricks.

Once – I think I was ten years old – I build a particularly good one. It was a big spaceship that could open and fit a smaller one. I was very proud of myself and my work. So proud that I took the glue and stuck all the pieces together. I wanted to preserve that piece of work forever. I put it on display in my room so I could watch it every day.

A few months later, my precious spaceship was already forgotten inside a box. Until one day, while I was building something else, I couldn’t find the pieces I needed. And then I remembered they were glued in my spaceship. I tried to dismount it with the only result to break most of the parts, making them useless.

I think there’s a life lesson about attachment there.
Personally, I never glued my lego bricks since.

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