One Apple A Day #740 – in the fog1 min read

I honestly thought that we the end of the lockdown I would have found a renewed energy, in me and around me. The desire to create and start everything we’ve been imagining and preparing for in the months spent locked in our homes. 

However, the reality is slightly different. 

It is as if the fog that was hiding the future only a few weeks ago is now here, around me.

The uncertainty about the future has now become present and real. That midst is around me, and it is even thicker than I though.

What do you do when can see nothing? 

Where do you go when you have no idea where you are?

In which direction do you take even a single step, if you don’t know what’s around you?

I remember been out in the fog when I was younger. A fog so dense that when we turned on a torch, it was like watching a wall.

In those cases, the trick was to give up the idea of seeing anything, dim down the light, turn on all the other senses and move slowly until you find some point of reference. And have patience.

Would it work now?

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