One Apple A Day #746 – don’t rush1 min read

Nature is never in a hurry.

Have you noticed?

Sometimes I stop and look at my garden for a few minutes.

Nothing happens before my eyes. 

Yet, so much is happening and the morning after some vegetables are ready.

Nature can be fast or slow. 

But never in a hurry.

A flower is never late for something. It blooms when it’s the exact time to bloom.

Sure, I’ve heard plenty of time people saying things like “this year tomatoes are late“. 

But are they? Did they ever promise to be ready that day?

Nature is never in a hurry.

I am. 

There are days in which I feel I’m late from the moment I woke up; continually running with the feeling of being behind schedule.

However, rushing doesn’t make me faster. 

It never does.

Because my focus is not on what I’m doing, it’s on the clock.

It’s on the things I haven’t done yet, on the stuff that should be already completed, on the people waiting for something I’ve promised.

But I’m not paying attention to what I’m doing.  I’m not present.

That’s what my tomatoes are teaching me this year.

To be present.

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