One Apple A Day #747 – my struggle with presence1 min read

Here and now.

That’s everything I have.

Everyone says it. It’s written everywhere.

Here is the only place where I can do something.

Now is the only time I have to act.

It’s self-evident if I think about it.

Then, how comes that it is such a struggle to be really and fully present, here and now?

Why my mind keeps wandering in the past and the future? In places where, whatever may be happening, I have no control or influence right now?

No matter how hard I try, the present moment is still elusive.

Wait a minute.

“Stop trying to hit me and hit me!” 

This is what Morpheus tells Neo during their first fight in the Matrix.

What if I’m trying too much?

Maybe I should just be, stop trying to be present in what I do, and just focus on what I do.

Because, in the end, no matter where my mind flies, I can only be and do here and now.

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