One Apple A Day #757 – My messiness1 min read

My desk is a mess.

Right now, it is full of everything.

There are useful things like my notepad, my books, my pens. But also essential items such as bills, tax papers, medial documents. And plenty of “I don’t know why it’s here” stuff like old and useless cables, a screwdriver, a laundry clip, a light bulb, a broken scissors, empty boxes and so on.

Then every now and then, when I have enough of this mess, I thoroughly tidy up everything. I throw away the useless stuff, I archive the important papers where they should be, I reorder my working tools until my desk is tidy and clean again.

It usually takes a few weeks before the messiness resurfaces again. It happens slowly. Like that thing that I can’t check now but I’ll do tomorrow and then stays on my desk for weeks.

The same thing happens with my email inbox or with my todo list.

And in some ways, it works for me.

I love when everything is tidy and clean, but I also need the messiness. 

It’s a bit more complicated when the mess is in my head. 

To clean up the messiness in my mind is a lot more complicated. 

That’s why I’ve learned to ask for help. 

All of this just to say that, right now, my desk, inbox, todo list and brain, they all need some cleaning.

Next weeks are going to be fun.

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