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There are days in which I’m late since the moment I wake up.
I rise pervaded by a sense of urgency for the things I want to do and the ones I have to do. Those days feel like a race, trying to keep up with the next thing to do with a constant feeling of being behind.

This morning I woke up with that feeling and I don’t even know what I have to do today. I struggled to meditate and keep my mind from rushing to the list of things to do.
The sense of urgency is a powerful propeller into action. At least, it is for me. In the right dose, it creates pressure that helps me become laser-focus on the tasks at hand. It is, however, a risky strategy. Too much urgency and I lose focus on my priorities running in circles without getting anything done.

Urgency manifests when my attention in on the final goal more than on what I am doing. In that case, everything happening around me is a distraction; achieving the goal is all that matters. Creating urgency is an effective strategy when I need to be productive.

When I need to explore and be creative, however, urgency limits my range of attention, narrowing too much my perception span.
It is then, at least for me, about finding a rhythm between moments of urgency and moments of unbounded exploration.

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