One Apple A Day #761 – Like the aubergine plant1 min read

I’m sitting outside this morning. While I write these words, the water keeps flowing from the fountain.

Water doesn’t care about my struggles, my worries, my thoughts. Or anyone else’s. She just does her thing; flowing.

The same for the plants in my garden; they are all being themselves.

And in doing so, they realise their natural potential.

The aubergine plant, for example. 

When we put the plants on the ground, we had high hope. I love aubergines. However, things didn’t work as expected. The plants struggled to grow, and after almost two months, I began to accept the idea that I wouldn’t have any aubergines in my garden.

Then, a few weeks ago, something happened. A small dark and shiny fruit (yep, aubergine, or eggplant, is a fruit) appeared. Yesterday we picked the first two beautiful and perfect two.

The plants just keep doing their things. They didn’t care about what was happening around, about my worries, or my lack of trust. 

They just kept being themselves until they realised their mission.

It is me, with my complicated mind, my free will, my relentless thinking that I have doubts. That I can’t figure out what my mission is.

In a meeting yesterday, someone told me “you just can’t stop being you“. And maybe that is the key.

Being me. Always.

Like the aubergine plant.

No matter what.

Until the fruits come for the world to see and enjoy.

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