One Apple A Day #762 – a seeker1 min read

Yesterday, someone taught me that to understand who I am and how I work, it’s not about thinking more. It is about feeling more, sensing more.

This quest, the one to understand who I am, is probably the most important one in my life. I’ve been struggling with it since forever. I lost count of how many times I wrote about identity and the search of who I am in my morning practice.

The challenge for me is to get out of my head. To experience who I am, even if my mind can connect all the pieces.

A flower doesn’t have a rational mind, yet it thrives.

And here I am.
Thinking and writing again.
Searching an answer that I know I’ll never find.

But maybe, this quest is who I am.

I am a seeker, not a finder.

It’s in this never-ending search that I feel alive.
Don’t look at me for answers, because I have none.
But if you need some challenging questions, I may be of help.

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