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I love to read, watch and learn new stuff, even useless things. I believe that there always some golden nuggets hiding in what I don’t know.

I consider this curiosity of mine one of my strengths.

However, like many strengths, curiosity can quickly turn into a weakness if left unchecked. 

In my case, curiosity is a wellspring of distractions.

I remember the chorus of a Placebo’s song saying “protect me from what I want´╗┐“. 

So, I have to protect myself from my own desire to explore any new shining thing that crosses my attention. 

Not an easy task. For sure, I can rely on my willpower, considering that it’s not in the same list of strengths with curiosity.

That is why I create structures that help me harness my curiosity without being overwhelmed by it. 

The funny fact is that to create sound and efficient structures, I have to rely on my strengths, in particular my curiosity.

The best structures are the new ones that allow me to experiment and use my curiosity to keep me focused. 

These days I’m experimenting with a new way of defining my daily priorities and “wifi off” zones for writing. This last one is particularly interesting because it forces me to separate research, that’s often a magnet for distractions, from the actual writing.

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