One Apple A Day #830 – the inner naysayer1 min read

A naysayer is a person who criticizes, objects to, or opposes something. You know, the kind of person that tells that you can’t do something or that your brilliant idea is not brilliant at all.
I have to admit I’ve been lucky enough to have met very few naysayers in my life. But there is this one who’s been living with me since I remember having ideas.
Even worst. This naysayer lives within me.
He talks with silent words in my head, and because he knows me so well, he is damn good.
My inner naysayer is very smart; he pries on my emotions, and he always has the best logical reasons for not doing something.
He lives in the space between the idea and the action. Over the many years of our shared journey, I’ve learned that not only he lives there, but he grows with that space. The more distance I leave between an idea and its manifestation, the more my inner naysayer expands and finds new brilliant ways to convince that it wasn’t such a great idea in the end.
But I’ve learned that, if I shorten the distance between the idea and the action, he doesn’t have time to come up with his negative reasoning.
That’s why for me, it’s essential to identify the smallest and quickest thing I can do to act on a good idea straight away.

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