One Apple A Day #833 – Self-discipline1 min read

Self-discipline is the ability to motivate yourself to take action, to behave by your decisions, regardless of how you feel a the moment. Self-discipline people are usually well-organised in all aspect of their lives; from the spaces in which they live and work to the way they do things.

Considering all these characteristics, I’m quite confident in saying that I am not a self-disciplined person.

However, I recognise the power of discipline.

I am messy, and I like it.

But even in my chaos, I need discipline if I am to achieve anything meaningful.

For years, or I should say decades, I struggled with my inability to stick with any practice long enough to create an impact in my life; from learning new skills to changing a behaviour or creating a new habit. 

I kept making plans and commitments in my head that I consistently failed until I’ve learned the power of supporting structures and systems.

Anytime I want to be disciplined about something, the first thing I do is to conceive an external system to support me. That allows me to use my strengths, like curiosity and creativity, to overcome one of my weaknesses.

The strengths cards that I’m using are made by¬†Positran.

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