One Apple A Day #834 – Responsibility1 min read

What a beautiful and powerful word. I already wrote about the difference between blame and responsibility and how the later is a crucial ingredient of freedom.
For many years I perceived responsibility as something heavy; a weight placed on my shoulders by others or myself. Then I’ve learned that it is an expression of love. When I love something or someone, I make myself available to help.
In this morning meditation, however, I realised that for me, it is a lot easier to feel responsible for others or for the external world than for my inner one.
It may well be an ego thing; a way to show the world that I am a responsible guy.
But what about my own feelings, needs, dreams and ideas?
Who, if not me, should be responsible for them?
Too often, I shy away from my responsibilities towards myself.
It is time to look inward and take full responsibility for what’s going in there.

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