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Do you know what you will do tomorrow? And next week, month and year? Do you have planned your next moves?
If the answer is yes, then you’re probably gifted with the strength of planning, and I may need your help because I don’t even have a plan for today.
The fact is that I love a well-crafted plan. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to see all the details about what, when and how I’ll do something. As if I already did those things.
Unfortunately, as much as I like a good plan, I struggle to follow through. The main reason is that a good plan pleases or soothes, depending on the situation, my rational mind, but when it comes to action, I’m driven mostly by my emotions and intuitions. Plans engage me on an emotional level only at the design stage, but once they are done, they are far less attractive.
So, most of the times, I don’t make plans, not elaborate ones at least.
But I invest time in planning.
Planning things is a great way to think creatively about what I have to do, in particular when it something that worries or even scares me. It helps me get clarity about what my goals are, identify obstacles and resistances and set the directions. Planning gives me the belief that I know what I’m doing and the confidence to begin.
Once I’m set, I trust my intuition knowing that if I get lost, I can always go back to planning again.

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