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Learning is a future-oriented strength.
It is something you do today but will create results tomorrow.
It is also a never-ending process. And it’s an amazing one.
It’s a journey with no end and when every step is new.
You may get tired, but you surely never get bored.
However, because learning results are always postponed in time, it may be hard to recognize its value.
Do you have any metrics, in your personal or professional life, focused on learning? How much space does learning have in your life, or in your organization?
Too often, we focus on performance, which is about creating results today, and we overlook learning that is about our ability to create value in the future.
It’s understandable, immediate rewards are a lot sexier than delayed gratification. That’s why it’s essential to have a learning habit in your life. And learning doesn’t have to be boring. You can spend fifteen minutes a day learning a new language using a playful app.
Do you have a learning habit in your daily routine?

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