One Apple A Day #866 – Vitality1 min read

Do you know someone who has some much life and energy in them that they couldn’t hold it inside? Those people full of enthusiasm, who always have an idea, a project, the need for something to do.

I know a few, and they are a gift.

Sometimes they may be exhausting to deal with, but their vitality is contagious.

In my dialect, we have a word for this kind of state; morbin.

We say that someone has the “morbin” when they are restless, exuberant. It is used with both a positive and negative meaning. 

This word doesn’t have an equivalent in Italian.

It is fascinating how different languages have specific words for things or concepts absent in other idioms. Every community or tribe creates the words they need to navigate reality efficiently. 

Companies are not different, they also have their unique vocabulary.

Language is an essential pillar of every culture. 

Thinks about the words you use more often in the team, company, family, or community you are part of. What do they say about your tribe?

“All language proceeds as a system of navigation. Named things are fixed points aligned or compared, which allow the speaker to plot the next move.”

Bruce Chatwin
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