One Apple A Day #890 – Essence1 min read

If you take an object of any shape and cover it with a blanket, you can still recognize its features. The colour and the pattern on its surface aren’t visible, but anyone should spot what it is.

If you add another blanket on top, some of the smaller features become invisible. Sure, someone familiar with the object may still recognize it, but it’s no so easy.

The more blankets you add, the less the object is recognizable. Until the surface will be completely flat and it won’t be even possible to spot the object at all.

This is what we often do with our essence.

We keep adding layers and layers over it until we can’t distinguish it from others’ essence. Or, in the worst cases, until we can’t even see if the essence is still there.

Layers can take any form; beliefs, habits built over time, social conditionings, failures, and successes.

If you struggle to recognize who you are, maybe it’s time to remove some of those layers and allow your essence to shine again.

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