One Apple A Day #891 – who’s first?1 min read

Anytime I hear someone saying that we must put “us first”, whoever that “us” include, I can’t help but feel pain.
As if, in the long game, there can ever be a winner.
We are all interconnected.
Winning over someone or everyone else is just a momentary achievement.
The idea that life is a competition is shortsighted and is the real cause of many world-scale issues like climate change or global pollution.
We value momentary local victories, without considering that at some point we will pay the price as a whole.
I hear many saying that this is the rule of the jungle.
But that’s because we observe nature from an ego-centric perspective. So, it may look like animals are competing for the same resources, or we may believe that predators and prey are on different sides of the game.
Instead, they are all dancers in the same ballet.
All animals and plants are part of nature’s flow. A lion has nothing against a gazelle, but they are both parts of the same flow.
From the perspective of nature, they are collaborating.
Us human, with our free will, we read that as competition without realizing that in doing that we are damaging ourselves too.
Am I oversimplifying?
But I had this thought spinning in my head for the last few days, after reading yet another politician say “my region first”. And I needed to let it go.

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